About Us


Who are we?

A church that settled in the little town of Floyd, NY in the 1970s. Since then, our mission has been to Let God's Love Flow. We invite all people to come to Christ. Like a river that flows with many extended branches, the church seeks to nourish and refresh all of God’s children. Renewed with this Loving Water, the Holy Spirit’s blessings will be revealed.  We reach out to help our community, while serving our Lord. We are dedicated to our mission as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Cindy Makarchuk

Pastor Cindy Makarchuk leads us regularly in spiritual growth opportunities such as: prayer, Christian education for all ages, choir,  worship, fellowship, Bible Study, weddings, baptisms, hymns, Vacation Bible School and so much more!!


Join our Congregation

Join us weekly, on Sundays at 9 AM,  and join us for fellowship directly after.